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How big does an ovarian cyst have to be to get it removed?

I have been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome in the past, I had a CT Scan done yesterday and it showed that I have a 4.3centimeter cyst on my left ovary and I am in pain! I am also haveing pain from my kidneys and kidney stones!

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  1. counterproductive says:

    They often come and go with your cycle, so make sure that this one could actually cause a potential problem before going through the operation. I am sure that 4.3 centimetres is big enough for it to be removed. I had to have one removed which I’m sure was smaller than that. I’m not sure about the pain, but make sure you talk to your doctor about it.

  2. suttonkennel says:

    i have had a cyst before on my ovary. We found it when i was pregnant with my last child. They waited for the baby to be born and then went in to remove and it had gotten so big! So if u want a little scar verses a big scar i say u should have it removed very soon!

  3. rb says:

    i get them every now and then. the doctor has never done anything except tell me that itll rid of itself. i guess it depends on the location and if its causing other problems… i would think if its related to ur kidney stones, then they would take care of it. anyways, it sucks and im sorry that you have to experience it… they can be sooo painful sometimes. best of luck to you.

  4. Lady E says:

    I feel for you! I think it depends on the doc cuz I had several that were up to 10 cms and they wouldn’t do anything. Got new gyno had one removed at 6cm. The surgery is with a scope and is a lot easier that living with those huge things! Bet if guys got them on their testes docs would be a lot more understanding. My first one was 9 years ago and the ER doc said they only hurt when they burst and called me a drug seeker! BullHonkey! Anyway, no use suffering if you want it removed tell your doc if they give you probs don’t be afraid to go see another one. That is a lot of unnecessary sufferin’ esp. with kidney pains! I also recommend bc to prevent another one.

    Good luck and remember that ultimately you are in control of your health and docs work for you! It was hard lesson I learned and hope this helps you.

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